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It was a life changing event. I enjoyed working with Cornelia. I came with so many unresolved emotions. I had so much baggage. The coaching sessions showed me how to let go of my limiting beliefs and it taught me a new way to look at myself. I feel so much lighter and my mind feels so much clearer. I am so ready to face my challenges. Thank you, Cornelia, for your help.

Ria Grimsdell

To Cornelia from Transformation Life Coaching. The coaching has been very informative and made me to realize I was hampered in my development and vision to be successful in life. I can highly recommend Cornelia from Transformation Life Coaching for the help and insight that she gave me. I can recommend this coaching to any person as it is life changing.


When I started with these coaching sessions with Cornelia, I was a very negative person.  I had no self-love and extremely low self-esteem.    I am walking out with an amazing positive attitude and outlook on life.   I now have great tools to help me get through any challenge.   I respect and love myself and because of this I am full of confidence … Working with my coach Cornelia was a great experience and I can recommend these coaching sessions to any person that wants to make a difference in their lives


When I was 5 months pregnant, I was held up at gun point by 7 men who broke into my mother in law’s house. They forced all of us into the bedroom, tied our hands and feet up and then threw a blanket over us. Thankfully they just cleaned the house out and left, without seriously injuring anyone. I did not seek counselling, as I thought I was fine, but about a month later, some men stopped at my gate and wouldn’t leave. I had a complete melt down, crying hysterically. That’s when I realised, for my sake as well as the baby’s, that I needed to seek help. I had a few sessions with Cornelia and I cannot tell you the difference it made in my life. I thought I was fine, because on a conscious level, I felt fine, but I didn’t realise that the trauma affected my subconscious too. Cornelia helped me to deal with the issues I didn’t even realise I had. It is now over a year later and I have had no re-occurrence of my melt down, but everyone else who was there that day and did not go seek counselling of some sort still have emotional problems. After that, Cornelia also helped me deal with some other unresolved emotional issues from my childhood, as well as current issues in my marriage. She also helped me with my post-partum depression after I gave birth. She helps you to look at things from a different perspective, rather than just sitting there and letting you waffle on about your problems to no end. She gets you to focus on the positive of each situation, as you obviously can’t change your past, so instead she gets you to rather change the way you look at it. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who has suffered a trauma or is suffering from depression and they just don’t know why or if you just need to give your chaotic life a “face-lift”

Michele Sindon

I was a very traumatized human being, and then I came across Cornelia from Transformation Life Coaching. I was transformed from; (carrying a ton of baggage, being petrified and scared of everything and everybody with no confidence whatsoever) to a confident and powerful woman with the feeling of being in control for the very first time in my life. Like the metamorphosis of a butterfly – from this ugly worm into this beautiful butterfly. I have been given valuable tools to face my challenges and overcome them completely. I would recommend coaching sessions with Cornelia to each and every person regardless of the extend of challenges they might face. This is a life changing experience where you are being equipped with the necessary tools and techniques to empower you to overcome the bad hand life has dealt with you. Thank you, Cornelia, for guiding and helping me to a new life…

Tertia Lurie

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