About Cornelia

Certified Life Coach, Transformation Coach, Negative Emotional Therapy Practitioner

Cornelia’s Mission:

To help you tidy up your cluttered thinking.
Help you to discover the real you.
Help you to organize your thoughts and managing and maintaining it.
Help you to live your life in full colour.

Never give up, never give in!  Do whatever it takes to live your true Hearts Desire, Purpose and Passion! Never settle for less!

Hi, my name is Cornelia. I am married to the most wonderful, loving, understanding and supporting husband. We have three amazing children, a son and two daughters, and I love spending time with my family.

My passion is to help you live your life with peace and freedom. I can help you to expand your consciousness and live with inner peace.

I help you to enlighten your life and awaken the beautiful powerful you… by getting rid of limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging thoughts and destructive habits, and help to equip you, to find your purpose and live your passion!
I have been through my own journey of being haunted with fear, anxiety, self-doubt, not loving myself, not accepting myself, not knowing how to let go of all these negative feelings and believes. I then started to search for inner freedom and peace as I had a great lack.

I used to ask myself such negative questions and as a result got negative answers.

“Why do other people succeed, and I don’t?”, “Why are other people so blessed, and I am not?” “Why am I not as smart as that person?” “Why don’t I have abundance, why I am always struggling?”

These were some of the many questions that filtered my mind and caused me to stay at a very low vibration and made me feel miserable.

I started researching for ways I could get rid of this cloud of negativity that was surrounding me …

I have always loved to study human behaviour and why we behave in certain ways. I find the body language very interesting and started to learn more… I then came across a YouTube video of Life Coaching and then I just knew… this was it!

I went for my training and dealt with so much of my own issues and then realised how I can make a difference in peoples lives. There are so many people with baggage, negative feelings, limiting beliefs that is being destroyed from the inside. I could help, and I could make a difference … I then started my coaching practice, and it still amazes me how quickly one can change as soon as you Let Go!

Four year later I did my Masters Coaching Training and I still grow daily as I am expanding my consciousness. I love to work with people one-on-one and I still enjoy the breakthrough each individual experience. It gives so much energy.

Much Love
Transformation Coach
Life Coach

I will equip you with the tools you need to create the life you want.

See the outcome you want to have, and you will have it.

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