About Cornelia

Certified Life Coach, Transformation Coach, Negative Emotional Therapy Practitioner

Cornelia’s Mission:

To help you tidy up your cluttered thinking.
Help you to discover the real you.
Help you to organize your thoughts and managing and maintaining it.
Help you to live your life in full colour.

Never give up, never give in!  Do whatever it takes to live your true Hearts Desire, Purpose and Passion! Never settle for less!

I find myself extremely lucky to have a loving husband and three beautiful amazing children. I rise every morning with an attitude of gratitude. How blessed I am!

Before my life change, I was a very confused human being with little motivation. Not believing in myself and always afraid of trying something. I had a very low self-esteem with no self-worth. Since doing my life coach training, I became a healthy balanced person. I stand amazed of how I was always living with limitations and limiting beliefs. How I carried all that heavy baggage. I now feel so light, free and full of energy. It has changed my life into a GREAT life. Life is so exciting now and I am so grateful for whatever I can do. I am achieving so much more, since I changed my thoughts.  It really did change my  world.

I will equip you with the tools you need to create the life you want.

See the outcome you want to have, and you will have it.

Choose to be happy!
Be Blessed!
Love and Sunshine


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