Time Management


This time of the year we tend to feel frazzled after a long year. We know this time of year is absolutely manic. We feel overworked, trying to meet all the year-end deadlines. We still want to try and reach the goal we set out for ourselves at the beginning of the year… With this we only load more pressure and stress to our lives.  Our thought process gets cluttered and clouded.

You need to apply time management to your life.  When you manage your time you steer your life.  Learn from you “failures” which is your feedback over the year, and know now what not to do…

Planning ahead gives you the sense of being in control and the feeling of accomplishment. To organize your time means that you are more productive more relaxed and gives you inner peace. Because of better time management, you gain extra productive hours. You have more time for your work, more time for your family and the things you love doing. You are better organized and prevent deadlines from becoming a problem. You will work less and achieve more. For every minute spent on planning an hour is earned.

Some tips:

Make a list of your 5 top priorities for the day, the day before. You can be in control of you life.

Tick every accomplished task off and at the end of the day you will see how much you have accomplished. You will feel like an achiever and will feel successful and in control. All feelings lifting our emotions to higher heights and give us energy.

Change the way you look at things… and the things you look at will change.

Try and see the good in things and learn from your failures

And remember tomorrow is another day, with no mistakes in it.